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Uploaded on 24 January 2022

Cloud Based Telephony

Telecoms are a staple piece of technology for many businesses, as it’s a hub for large amounts of communication within the business. From employees contacting each other, for tele-sales and tele-marketing, and a key point of contact for customer service.

Many businesses are making the switch to cloud-based phone systems swapping from traditional phone lines, to access the many benefits of cloud-based telephony and to future proof the business. The cost of telecoms has been greatly reduced due to the reduction of physical hardware required, making it accessible for businesses of any size and nature, meaning even if your business has many employees working from home or on the move, they can use the businesses phone systems.

Advantages of Cloud-based Telecoms

For businesses, cloud-based telecoms can provide brilliant scalability as you no longer need physical lines to take or make calls, meaning you can add or remove phones at any time if you are upsizing or downsizing. This also means that installations are much quicker and easier, leaving less down time and interruptions.

It also allows for flexibility in locations and work environments, as all you need is to have an internet connection. This means remote workers or people on the move can still make and take calls from the businesses number. If you have many offices or locations, you can also connect them together through the cloud.

A reason that makes cloud-based telecoms beneficial for businesses of any size, is that it gives businesses access to new and improved features such as music on hold, auto attendance, hunt groups, live call monitoring and call reporting, CRM Integration, mobile app, and many others.

These new features can help contribute to improving your customer service as they will have a better experience with features such as music on hold helping offset wait times and reduce frustration, a more reliable service with hunt groups allowing other employees to take calls, and a smoother experience with auto attendance getting them to the correct person/department. Along with these benefits for customer service they help improve efficiency for the business as customer will be less likely to get frustrated or be speaking to the wrong person.

Some of the new features also will help to improve the businesses efficiency as employees can use the CRM integration to get information on the call quicker meaning they will understand the situation faster. Features like voicemail to email can allow people to leave quick notes or messages that don’t necessarily need full conversations to allow for swift communication, call monitoring can allow management to see who is taking calls and who isn’t and can be used to maybe create targets and even simply to see if an employee is available for things like meetings or a call.

Remote Working

Cloud-based telecoms are a brilliant solution if you have employees working from home or on the move, as stated before all they need is an internet connection.

For working from home all they need to do is plug the phone, connect it to the internet and log in and they can be fully functional, as well they can use the CRM integration to improve their work efficiency. Employers can also feel more comfortable with live call monitoring and call recording meaning they can keep track of what work they are up to and can easily listen to the call recordings to review and give feedback.

For working on the go we have an app that allows for calls to be took and made still using the business number, as well having access to their contact list and call history. He app also gives access to video chats and file sharing which is great for working as part of a team.

ISDN & PSTN turn off

At the end of 2025 Openreach will officially swich of ISDN and PSTN lines meaning all traditional analogue phone lines will stop being used and everyone will have to switch to other alternatives, In 2023 they intend to stop selling products reliant on PSTN.

In Conclusion

Cloud-based telecoms are a great option for businesses of every size and location with great scalability and using good software and technology. At Sastech we offer many options for telecoms and cloud-based telecoms are our staple, along with our basic maintenance package from Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

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