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Our Green Solutions

Electric Vehicle Chargers

One thing we are trying to promote, and support is the rising popularity of Electric Vehicles. Their demand has increased and there are more vehicles available and on the road than ever.

Many companies are switching their fleet to electric vehicles as they many benefits for the business, its employees, and the environment. An electric fleet can contribute massively to achieving Net-zero as it can reduce a large amount of emissions produced, while also improving the business assets and image and helps to reduce noise pollution.
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Recycling furniture for Office Fitouts

Every so often a business will need to relocate and move office, to upsize/downsize or to reduce operational costs. Businesses also refurbish their offices to upgrade their equipment and meet new standards.

When we take furniture out of an office, we look to see if we can save and reuse any furniture when possible. When it is still of a decent quality we will look to resell and re-use the furniture again. We can clean up and repair some furniture and when needed we strip them down to the raw materials and recycle it appropriately.
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Print management software

Print management software coordinates all processes that take place between printer hardware and the devices requiring print jobs. These solutions are ideal for enterprise businesses, as they can be used to manage a variety of printing tasks for large networks of printers. For businesses, print management tools ensure that employees computers are properly connected to an organization’s printers. These solutions are typically deployed on one device, such as a printer, that is able to manage the entire network from a single location.

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Document Management

Document Management software automates the process of managing documents from creation to storage to distribution throughout an enterprise, increasing efficiency and reducing the cost and clutter of maintaining paper records. Document Management applications provide solutions for a wide range of document needs from low specificity, high volume items such as standard forms to highly specific, low volume items such as one-to-one correspondence. Document Management software is related to Digital IT Asset Management software and Knowledge Management software.

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Planting Trees

At Sastech we have taken the initiative to plant a tree for every invoice we create. This is in partnership with the Woodland Trust, who are a UK woodland conservation charity that aims to tackle climate change by planting trees, protecting, restoring and caring for woods.

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