The Benefits of owning an Electric Vehicle

by Sastech

Uploaded on 14 February 2022

The rise of Electric Vehicles

As Electric Vehicles (EVs) become more mainstream, costs are dropping quickly and there is a wide variety of benefits for drivers to be making the switch. From environmental impacts, to running costs and maintenance.

Cost of Electric cars

EVs offer outstanding value over the long term and can be great investments for drivers looking for a cheaper, more efficient way to travel. Costs can vary depending on the make and model. The market for options is growing with all major car manufacturers now shifting their strategy to be electric only or have a majority of sales be EVs in the near future. There is an EV to fit most budgets with Nissan have been selling the Leaf since 2010 having many affordable models.

Cheaper to maintain

What is noticeably different from Petrol and diesel cars is the cost of running is significantly cheaper over time. From tax Incentives and government grants helping cover charger installations, to enhanced fuel efficiency and the lower cost of electricity compared to petrol and diesel.

Fully electric vehicles have been designed to be as efficient as possible with energy converted directly into movement and features such as regenerative braking. Charging can be more efficient with special energy tariffs for zero carbon electricity and using off-peak times for overnight charging.

EVs use fewer parts and generally have 3 main components powering the vehicle, the on-board charger, inverter, and motor. This means there is far less wear and tear on the car and little stress on the motor, with fewer moving parts susceptible to damage. This means servicing your car will be less regular. Also, with leasing becoming much more popular many EVs come with optional servicing cover.

Better for the environment, better for you

Electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions making them greener, cleaner, and better for the environment than petrol or diesel cars. A plug-in hybrid uses a small battery and an electric motor, combining a smaller battery capacity with a fuel-efficient engine. These can also be used with zero tailpipe emissions and the electric range is well within the UK daily drive.

Fewer emissions mean that our greenhouse gasses are reduced, allowing us to move to a more sustainable future. With newer technology helping create more enviro-friendly batteries, bigger capacities, and more efficient and quieter vehicles.

Fast and easy charging

With the growth of EVs the charging has had to grow with them, for example here at Sastech we have developed a range of wall mounted and freestanding AC/DC chargers for parking, commercial and fleet use ranging from 11kW to 120kW.

The government has also supported the growth of chargers by offering grants for EV owners to install a 7kW charger in their home. They also announced all new builds in 2022 must install EV charging points.

Quiet and more enjoyable driving experience

One thing most first notice when driving or testing EVs is how quiet they are, it creates a more relaxed and comfortable driving experience. EV cars also have instant torque which provides instant power and response, making them ideal for city driving. Often the battery can be found in the floor of the vehicle making their balance and weight distribution excellent for corners and turning. The overall experience is quiet, clean, and nippy.

The future of driving

There are many clear benefits of electric vehicles, and they will only improve with more exciting technologies being developed. The UK plans to sell only electric vehicles by 2030 and stop servicing by 2035 which means the long-term future is Electric.

We at Sastech want to help promote and support this future with our full turnkey Electric Vehicle charging solutions, get in touch for more information about this.

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